ProdromeScan blood tests launch in Japan

Prodrome Sciences Inc. and NK Medico are proud to announce they have agreed to an exclusive distribution agreement for the sale of Prodrome Sciences’ multi-analyte risk assessment tests based on Dr. Dayan Goodenowe’s ProdromeScan blood testing technology in Japan.

Prodrome Sciences has developed improved blood testing technology for identifying persons with a high risk of colorectal cancer or pancreatic cancer. The new tests, Prodrome-CRC and Prodrome-PAC, use Prodrome Sciences’ patented high-resolution/accurate-mass technology to simultaneously quantitate multiple biomarkers associated with an increased risk of colorectal or pancreatic cancer. The new tests overcome several technical deficiencies associated with the older, low-resolution, single-analyte GTA-446 and PC-594 tests. Prodrome Sciences’ multi-analyte technology reduces the risk of false positive and false negative determinations that may occur when only the single GTA-446 or PC-594 biomarker is used. In addition, the new tests have an improved reporting format that better enables patients and doctors to clearly understand colorectal cancer or pancreatic cancer risk.

Dr. Dayan Goodenowe, Founder, President, and CEO of Prodrome Sciences, is an expert on the biochemical basis of disease with over 19 patents in the areas of diagnostic biomarkers, diagnostic technology, and therapeutics. “Effective personalized diagnostics and medicine requires that doctors and patients have access to new cutting-edge technologies and that these technologies can be distributed, reported, and communicated in a manner that everyday people can understand and benefit from. NK Medico is a proven distributor and communicator of specialty diagnostic products. We are excited to work with NK Medico to enable Japanese doctors and patients to have access to Prodrome Sciences’ advanced disease risk and prevention products.”

Prodrome Sciences is an integrated molecular diagnostics and therapeutics company focused on the early detection and prevention of disease. The Company uses its patented comprehensive metabolomics technology to discover prodromes of diseases; prodromes are states of biochemical imbalance that occur before disease symptoms appear. Prodrome Sciences develops blood tests to detect prodromes of diseases and therapeutics to restore unhealthy biochemical imbalances to a healthy state. The goal is to reduce the number of people that develop and die from disease and to promote optimal health and longevity.

NK Medico is a specialty distributor of diagnostic products with a focus on disease prediction and prevention products rather than early detection products. NK Medico promotes preventive medical care to predict and prevent risk of significant diseases and healthy lifestyle choices as a way to maintain optimal health.