Alzheimer’s Association funds plasmalogen clinical trial

Based upon Dr. Goodenowe’s research linking high plasmalogen levels with a low risk of Alzheimer’s disease, the Alzheimer’s Association (Chicago, USA) is funding a clinical trial to investigate the effects of Prodrome Sciences’ novel plasmalogen precursor supplement in persons diagnosed with mild Alzheimer’s disease. Plasmalogens are a type of lipid (fat) molecule that are an important part of cells and help nerve cells communicate. There are no good sources of plasmalogens through the diet and levels decline dramatically after age 50.

The Alzheimer’s disease clinical biomarker trial will be led by Dr. Mitchel Kling, Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. The trial will enroll 40 elderly persons with mild or early Alzheimer’s disease. Each person will be given an increasing dose of Prodrome Sciences’ plasmalogen bioprecursor supplement for 16 weeks. The research study will investigate the effect of elevating blood levels of plasmalogens on other biomarkers associated with Alzheimer’s disease and cardiovascular disease. The plasmalogen bioprecursor product will be manufactured by Prodrome Sciences. Enrollment in the trial is scheduled to begin in early 2020. Click here to view more information online.

The work is supported by a grant from the Alzheimer’s Association (PCTR-16-381605) and made possible by Part the Cloud™.