Collaborators present plasmalogen data

Collaborators at the Buck Institute and OpenOme presented exciting data on Prodrome-Neuro Plasmalogen Oil in flies. Promising early results of Prodrome-Neuro Plasmalogen Oil in flies was presented at the Bay Area Aging Meeting (BAAM) at Stanford University, California on December 5. The experiments were conducted by researchers from OpenOme Inc. and the Buck Institute for Aging Research. Flies have a short life span and respond less to light as they age. Flies supplemented with Prodrome-Neuro Plasmalogen Oil had significantly improved eyesight and response to light. The results are very exciting and we look forward to continued research with Prodrome’s plasmalogen supplement.

Plasmalogens are found in high concentrations in the eyes and are important for neurons to communicate. They are found in many animals and could be useful in veterinary care.