Redefining the Concept of Aging

Humans, as a whole, are obsessed with death; our death. We are also obsessed with time. Everything must have a beginning and an end, just like us. We even had to create the big bang theory because the concept of infinity is too unsettling for most people to contemplate. A very long period of time is OK, but no beginning and no end, that’s crazy talk. Our lives revolve around chopping up time into pre-established time windows and time-based milestones. Accordingly, the epidemiology of life expectancy has been extensively studied for hundreds of years. For most of recorded history, the average life expectancy hovered around 30-50 years of age. Since the advent of modern medicine, average life expectancy has dramatically improved such that in wealthy nations, the average life expectancy is now over 80. This is a scientific and medical achievement worthy of praise and deserving of respect. As remarkable as this success is, it does not change the fact that it has nothing to do with improving human longevity. This is a success solely based upon our ability to reduce human death. Reducing death and increasing longevity are two entirely different conceptual constructs and they have absolutely nothing to do with each other. The maximum life span of humans has remained virtually unchanged. A large amount of data from diverse geographical and ethnic populations indicates that the current maximum life span of humans under our currently practiced diet, lifestyle, and medical technologies is around 115 years and it always has been. What does this mean? First, once again, science has proven the obvious – that diseases cause death and that the more effective we are at preventing diseases from causing death, the more likely it is that more people will live into old age. More importantly, this observation revealed something that was not obvious, but it should have been: reducing death from disease did not change our maximum life span. Or, worded in a different way: the absence of disease does not cause longevity. This observation should not come as a surprise to anyone. This logic does not work with anything else in our lives. For example, fixing a flat tire, does not make it last longer. It just enables the tire to live out its natural life within its current working environment. It prevents the premature death of the tire. The better we get at fixing tires, the more tires will live to closer to their natural limit – the average life expectancy of the tire will improve. This has no impact on the maximum lifespan of the tire. In order to make the tire last longer, we need to be able to either rebuild and restore the wear and tear or we need to change the working environment of the tire. Thankfully, the human body is not a tire.

Most people, scientists and medical professionals included, have a misconception of aging and the disease of aging. The concepts of medicine that have successfully reduced infant mortality, death from infectious diseases and physical injury cannot be successfully applied to the diseases of aging. Diseases of aging do not have a beginning and they do not have an end. Aging is nothing more than the second law of thermodynamics, the physics of entropy (that all systems tend towards increasing disorder) applied to a complex ordered system called human life. This is not a malicious thing. Ordered things contain built up energy. Think of a ball sitting on a ledge halfway up a hill. It did not get there by itself. At some time in the past, someone or something expended energy to roll it up to where it stands now. That energy is now stored in the ball. It wants to roll back down to the bottom and release that energy. It does not want to roll to the top of the hill. Someone or something is going to have to expend energy to force it up to the top and keep it there. Your body started as a single cell. It was nurtured and fed. An incredible amount of energy was injected into you to create the complex ordered system that is your body. Every day we convert carbon-based foods into carbon dioxide and water and use the energy released by this process to maintain this order. There is no thermodynamic purpose of the human body. The very existence of the human body defies thermodynamics. Likewise, there is no thermodynamic purpose of death other than the slow plodding of entropy – sooner or later, entropy wins and we can no longer keep the ball on the ledge. But, why can’t we keep the ball there forever? We seem to be able to do it effortlessly for many many years. What changes? Scientists have a very bad habit of misinterpreting statistical associations as being causative. They think that just because certain things have a tendency to occur at certain ages, that they were programmed that way; that aging is a predetermined active process. It is not and it is illogical to think so. Aging is not a disease. It cannot be treated as a disease.

In 1999 I invented an advanced mass spectrometry technology platform capable of simultaneously measuring thousands of small molecules called metabolites in biological samples, like human blood. I used this technology to analyze thousands of human samples from persons all around the world with various stages of health and disease. The technology continues to be the most advanced technology of its kind today. Using this technology, I discovered numerous biochemical systems associated with disease, as well as those related to longevity and vitality. One of the biochemical systems discovered using this technology is a class of membrane lipids called plasmalogens. I found that plasmalogens play a critical role in maintaining functionality in the human body, especially in neurological health. Plasmalogens are unique lipid molecules that are a critical part of both the neurons and the supportive myelin in your brain. They are also found in high concentrations in your heart, lung, eye, and kidney cells. Among their many functions, they are necessary for optimal neurotransmitter performance, especially the neurotransmitter system affected in Alzheimer’s disease. Plasmalogen levels decrease with certain diseases and with age. If the body is no longer able to make enough plasmalogens to keep up with demand, the various organs of the body, especially the brain, become depleted. Since plasmalogens are antioxidant and anti-inflammatory molecules as well as a building blocks needed to repair cells, these functions become impaired when plasmalogen levels are low.

These initial discoveries resulted in numerous research publications and issued patents. However I did not stop there. I then directed and employed a team of research scientists and academic research collaborators to fully explore all aspects of plasmalogen biochemistry. This research resulted in numerous additional patents and peer-reviewed research publications involving plasmalogens. Ultimately, from my research, I have created two plasmalogen supplements that are 100 percent natural and are clinically proven to maintain and replenish plasmalogen reserves and are now available without a prescription as a dietary supplement. ProdromeNeuro is a 100% omega-3 version designed specifically for neurons, or brain gray matter and ProdromeGila is a 100% omega-9 version designed specifically for glia, or brain white matter. I also created a simplified version of my advanced mass spectrometry technology, called ProdromeScan. This simplified blood test measures plasmalogens as

well as numerous other critical biomarkers of health. Although plasmalogens were originally discovered almost 100 years ago, the year 2020, marks the first time that targeted plasmalogen supplementation and accurate plasmalogen blood testing technology has been available to the public. Achieving and monitoring plasmalogen reserve capacity is now available to everyone.

Plasmalogen’s Restoring Vitality

I patented three series of plasmalogen precursors with the intent of developing new drug applications for pharmaceutical drugs. To do this, I had to develop it for a particular indication, and sell/distribute it for the same indication. If the drug is used outside that indication it is considered off-label usage. But as we performed more and more research, we saw that a plasmalogen deficiency is involved in many functions, not just dementia. Therefore, I designed new molecules that are classified as “Generally Regarded As Safe” or GRAS. This means that their use is not restricted to only narrowly defined indications. They can be used by anyone for anything. Our plasmalogen supplements make no medical claims, and we have no interest in doing so. We provide a supplement that can restore and elevate blood plasmalogen levels.

This removes limitations to accessing our products and allows plasmalogen supplementation to be available to everyone. Additionally, anyone can take plasmalogens whether they are sick or not. This is the same for the blood testing technology, where it used to be all disease-related. This has allowed us to move towards a functional perspective that enables us to look at how biochemical systems are working, and if they are in an optimal space. We can have an individual take a prodrome scan blood test and based on the results we can measure and tweak their biochemistry. We can customize everything that we measure because we have control, and we can change and fix it. Likewise, our blood testing is no longer about diagnosing disease or disease risk. Our blood tests measure biochemical systems and help you reach optimal biochemical health regardless of your health or disease situation.

I completed the design and initial manufacturing procedures for these new plasmalogen supplements in 2019 and used myself as the first test subject because I wanted to make sure I thoroughly studied and understood everything before making it available to everyone. In November of 2019, six of us took ten-times the normal daily dose and measured our blood plasmalogen levels over the next 48 hours. All of us experienced elevated blood plasmalogen levels within 24 hours. On average the elevation was 180% of our starting levels. My dad is in his 80s, and now he functions as if he were 60 years old. When I began to take the plasmalogen supplements for myself, I wasn’t expecting anything other than changes in my ProdromeScan results, because I am in good health. However, I noticed that my eyesight got dramatically better. I am naturally nearsighted and needed glasses to drive, and I had started to need progressive lenses for reading.

A few months after I started taking the plasmalogens, I noticed that my eyesight was getting blurry when I was reading and it was getting harder to focus. I thought something was wrong, until I took my glasses off and realized that my near-sighted reading had returned to what it was before I needed glasses. I could now see clearly without my glasses for about a four-foot radius. My short-range vision was restored. I still need my glasses to drive, but my short-range vision is where it was in my early 20s. Also, I work long hours at a computer often analyzing large spreadsheets of data. and after a long day I would often have eye strain or a “fuzzy” head. I never get that anymore. My recovery time after workouts has also become much shorter. I am a perfect example of why we don’t focus just on disease anymore.

Changing Perspective

The plasmalogen system is not unique. There are other important systems that we need to maintain. The good news is that we do not have to invent human health. Our goal is to fix things before they are broken and create biochemical reserves. When we look at how many aspects of human biology depend on healthy plasmalogen levels, it becomes clear that having low plasmalogens is just not worth the risk.

Finally, I want to be clear that there can be no such thing as anti-aging because there is no one thing that is “aging”. Aging is just a collection of specific losses of function that accumulate, and all of this becomes associated with age. Anti-aging and immortality is a false concept created by mortals because we’re obsessed with our death. If you’re immortal, you don’t talk about immortality because it’s not a conversation point. As long as you continue living well today, then you’re immortal because that immortality is today, not 100 years from now. You’re alive until you’re dead. I believe that people should live up until the very last second of life. There is no additional value to tomorrow’s day versus today’s day. Think of it as a sports analogy. Basketball players play the fourth quarter like it’s the first quarter. They play the game until the final buzzer rings and that is how we need to live our lives. Are you making the most of the years you have left, or have you put an expiration date on your life? Download a short summary on plasmalogens, learn about my upcoming book, or explore my videos on the resources page to learn more about how you can change your perspective on health and aging. You can order a blood test or my supplements at

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