Reaping the Benefits of Plasmalogens

We have all heard the phrase, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. This advice is valid for things that cause minimal inconvenience when they break and are cheap and easy to fix when they do, like a light bulb. This is not a good strategy when it comes to things that are life-altering when they break and are not easy to fix once broken. Not fixing the brakes on your car could result in your car going off a cliff, wrecking the whole car, and possibly killing you in the process. If you have read my other postings, you will have realized that the consequences of not having enough plasmalogens can lead to life-altering, very difficult to fix outcomes. I have made it easy to get tested to find out what your plasmalogen levels are. I have also designed natural, bioidentical plasmalogen supplements that can elevate your blood plasmalogens to healthy levels. However, my plasmalogen supplements are not just preventing future doom and gloom, they are also about reaping tangible benefits now.

Since I launched ProdromeNeuro and ProdromeScan earlier this year, there are now over 150 doctors using my plasmalogen supplements and blood testing in their practices. Often the doctors or the patients will contact me and share their experiences. I am a PhD research scientist with advanced knowledge of drug and dietary supplement chemistry, the intricate details of the biochemical mechanisms of disease, and the advanced statistics of human epidemiology. My job is to educate medical doctors, not be a medical doctor. For thirty years my world has been a world that involved the analysis of data from thousands of patients. Patients with numbers attached to them. Now, I find myself in this strange new world of individual patients. Patients with families attached to them. In this post, I would like to share some of these stories.

We are not a big venture-capital financed biotech company. I’ve been there. I’ve done that. Not worth losing your soul for. Prodrome Sciences has been built from the ground up with a mission to bring advanced medical science and technology directly to real people. We are all users of our technology. Our families take our products. We take our products. Every one of us has a story. None of us had any pre-conceived anticipations.

Our office manager’s mother has Alzheimer’s. When her mother began taking plasmalogen supplements, she experienced a significant increase in awareness and activity. She started picking up the phone and getting up to answer the door. She also wasn’t repeating herself quite as often. There was a clear reduction in the classic symptoms. When she stopped giving her mom the supplement for a while (just got busy) within a few weeks her aunt noticed that she started repeating herself again and her memory regressed. Her mom is now on ProdromeNeuro and not stopping.

Sometimes, people don’t realize what they have been missing until functions have been restored. The effects of plasmalogen supplements can creep up on us, and suddenly we feel like our old selves again. Our manager of Quality Control, started her father on the supplements, and it wasn’t long before she noticed a change. He was back to work on renovations and riding his bike and much more active with his grandchildren. When she teased him about the supplement working, he did not draw the connection. He just thought that he was feeling more like his old self.

Our manager of Manufacturing has a son with autism. He has been giving ProdromeGlia to his son and has noticed extreme improvements in his son’s engagement and executive thinking. He also feels that he has always been a bit on the autism spectrum himself and so he also takes the supplement and has noticed that he is more focused and less anxious. He describes it like his mind has opened to see the full picture instead of being focused on just a narrow window. He has also noticed a dramatic reduction in his OCD.

One of our private investors has his parents and aunt on the supplements. Improvements in sleep and anxiety were the key effects. However, the most dramatic effect was with his dog, buddy. Getting old does not only affect humans, it also affects our pets. Buddy has always been a friendly and happy dog, but he hadn’t been very active or mobile in a long time. So our investor decided to adjust a dose of ProdromeNeuro for him, and before we knew it, he was acting like a puppy again. On my next visit to his home, Buddy was excited – dragging out his toys and jumping on the stairs, having experienced significant improvements.

Another notable difference that people have reported to us, is a significant improvement in sleep quality and anxiety. Through blood testing, we have been able to observe C reactive protein levels drop in half after people begin using our supplements.

Renal function (related to the neurological system) has also been reported to be improved. Such as in the case of a customer of ours, who is quite passionate about biohacking. While he is elderly, he is still very active and does cognitive testing and times his exercise routines. He reported that after taking plasmalogen supplements, he has reached his best score on rapid cognition testing and completed his exercise routines faster than ever before.

Improving Quality of Life

That is what plasmalogens is all about and I am excited about getting the public more involved. Tracking the complexity of our human lives is much bigger than a narrowly defined clinical trial. There are subtle things that can improve our lives, and they don’t always get captured on a formal clinical trial chart. As time goes on and we continue to observe, we can build better tools for people to track their body, blood, and other biochemical levels. Ideally, one day people will be able to track their quality of life, mood, mobility, cognitive status, muscles, and musculature amongst other functions. Different subtleties will be visible amongst individuals as we are all diverse and have different things wrong with us. These things are not always clinical, nor do they always require a doctor’s visit, but they can still significantly affect our lives. My focus is to fix even the smallest issues people may face and help them to improve their health and quality of life. These small fixes can stop bigger problems from occurring later in life. As more people become aware of the benefits of plasmalogen supplementation, gaining the power to observe themselves and report their findings, communities will also benefit. There is so much to be gained by sharing individual experiences and improving upon them together.

The big picture

Longevity is so much more than just a personal wish for a prolonged life. Society itself benefits from the intergenerational sharing of our experiences, both positive and negative. The cliché that ‘those who fail to study history are destined to repeat it’ is real, and evident throughout human history. For the bulk of human history, societal memory rarely lasts more than two generations, which has been typically considered to be about 50 years. If we can live longer and with clearer minds, we can extend the intergenerational transfer of knowledge by passing down our mistakes, successes, and shared experiences to new generations.

People tend to think about longevity and immortality in the wrong way. It is true that our date of birth is associated with our date of death. The longer that we are alive, the more likely we are to die. But association is not causation. Our age cannot cause our death. The true cause of death is an uncorrected decline in function. If we can maintain function, there is no reason why we can’t maintain life and vitality indefinitely. The missing piece is our ability to understand and maintain that function. The only way for us to do that is through repeated evaluations and improvements.

There is no biological reason that a 150-200-year lifespan isn’t possible. Unfortunately, humans have become apathetic and we don’t apply the same design elements to human health as we do everything else in our world. Take technology, for example, the reason why our phones work better and our cars work better, is because we are constantly working to improve them.

We know the proper reserve capacity for all the equipment we have in our lives, and we get better at maintaining those functions. Now that we have the Prodrome scan and plasmalogen supplementation, we can do the same for our health in a simple, pragmatic, and practical way. We can’t solve the longevity problem for the entire world at once, we just need to fix one problem at a time. Take the first step in playing an active role in your health. Download a short summary on plasmalogens, learn about my upcoming book, or explore my videos on the resources page to learn more about how you can change your perspective on health and aging.You can order a blood test or my supplements at

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