New plasmalogen product launch

Prodrome Sciences offers another important plasmalogen oil product through valued healthcare professionals to help their patients achieve optimal health! ProdromeGlia is a biochemical plasmalogen supplement designed to restore, maintain, and optimize glia membranes and to create a biochemical reserve of critical membrane building material for glia membrane repair when needed.

Glia are the cells in your brain and spinal cord that surround, support, protect, and insulate neurons, commonly referred to as white matter. Inflammation-mediated diseases like autism and multiple sclerosis as well as cerebrovascular and cardiovascular disease attack and degrade white matter. ProdromeGlia is specifically designed to provide the omega-9 plasmalogen building blocks that white matter glia cells need.

Plasmalogens are critical membrane phospholipids found in high concentrations in the brain, heart, lungs, kidneys, and eyes. Levels decrease with age. Plasmalogen deficiencies are associated with increased disease risk and plasmalogen reserve is associated with reduced disease risk. Dr. Goodenowe is the leading authority on the role of plasmalogens in mortality, disease, vitality, and longevity.

The best way to find out what product is best for you and your patients is by taking the ProdromeScan blood test. The results will reveal any plasmalogen deficiencies including both the omega-3 plasmalogens found in ProdromeNeuro and omega-9 plasmalogens found in ProdromeGlia.

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