Dr. Goodenowe and colleagues publish another paper linking low plasmalogens to Alzheimer’s disease

Dr. Goodenowe’s landmark research paper titled “Peripheral Ethanolamine Plasmalogen Deficiency – A Logical Causative Factor in Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia” was originally published in 2007. Since then Dr. Goodenowe has continued to collaborate with leading researchers from around the world to further advance our knowledge on how plasmalogen molecules affect other biomarkers and risk factors of Alzheimer’s disease. Dr. Goodenowe and colleagues from the Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (ADNI) published a major paper involving 1659 subjects today that confirmed Dr. Goodenowe’s previous findings linking low blood plasmalogens and cognitive impairment and further showed that persons with low blood plasmalogens have higher levels of Alzheimer’s biomarkers in brain cerebral spinal fluid (CSF). Clinical research using Dr. Goodenowe’s plasmalogen restoration technology in persons suffering from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases is ongoing. Dr. Goodenowe’s plasmalogen restoration technology is neuroprotective in animal models of neurodegeneration.

Earlier this year, Prodrome announced the commercial availability of plasmalogen blood testing and plasmalogen restoration technology. Dr. Goodenowe’s natural plasmalogen supplements, ProdromeNeuro and ProdromeGlia, are designed for the safe and effective restoration of these critical molecules. Dr. Goodenowe’s ProdromeScan blood testing technology measures multiple critical blood biomarkers, including plasmalogens. The Prodrome technologies enable everyone to be able to measure and restore their blood plasmalogen levels with confidence. Hundreds of patients, worldwide, have already restored their plasmalogen levels.

Plasmalogens are critical lipid molecules found in high concentrations in the brain, heart, lungs, eyes, and kidneys. They are necessary for optimal neurotransmitter performance. Levels decrease with disease and age. Plasmalogens are key antioxidants and anti-inflammatory molecules.

ProdromeNeuro is a plasmalogen supplement designed by Dr. Goodenowe for gray matter health. Gray matter is made of neurons which process and transmit information in the body. These types of plasmalogens primarily decrease with age. ProdromeGlia is a plasmalogen supplement for white matter health. White matter is made of glia which are cells that surround, support, and protect neurons. These types of plasmalogens primarily decrease with inflammation.

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