Plasmalogen clinical trial underway

A clinical trial is underway using the ProdromeNeuro plasmalogen oil supplement in subjects with a confirmed diagnosis of mild to moderate dementia. The trial is taking place at the Neurological Associates of West Los Angeles clinic in Santa Monica, California, run by Dr. Sheldon Jordan, a pioneer in advanced brain imaging and cutting edge neurological interventions. Click here to read his extensive CV. All participants will be evaluated at baseline and at the end of each month for changes in blood plasmalogen levels, cognition, mobility, and quality of life metrics. For further details about the clinical trial design, please visit the listing on

The clinical trial is an open-label, escalating dose of the ProdromeNeuro plasmalogen oil supplement. Plasmalogens are a special type of phospholipid that are found in all cells of the body. They are found in particularly high concentrations in the brain, eyes, heart, lungs, and kidneys. Sufficient levels of plasmalogens are critical for normal functioning of these organs. Numerous independent, peer-reviewed studies have shown that plasmalogen levels are decreased in the elderly and in persons with neurological diseases, including dementia. 

Plasmalogens were first described in 1924, almost 100 years ago! Despite universal scientific agreement and acceptance as to their biological importance, no effective plasmalogen elevating strategy has ever been developed – until now. Dr. Dayan Goodenowe, Prodrome’s founder and CEO, invented and patented a revolutionary plasmalogen augmentation technology that is capable of selectively targeting and elevating specific groups of plasmalogens. Only Dr. Goodenowe’s technology is capable of doing this. Dr. Goodenowe further developed this advanced technology into two orally bioavailable, dietary supplements called ProdromeNeuro and ProdromeGlia. ProdromeNeuro is designed to elevate neuronal or gray matter plasmalogens and ProdromeGlia is designed to elevate glial or white matter plasmalogens. Thanks to Dr. Goodenowe’s research, for the first time in history, we can now target and selectively elevate plasmalogen levels with accuracy and precision.

The team at Prodrome is so touched to continue to hear the amazing stories about the plasmalogen supplement from the hundreds of individuals using it and over 40 doctors who have now introduced our products into their practice. Despite the obviousness of the plasmalogen story, Dr. Goodenowe is dedicated to the advancement of robust evidence-based clinical trial evaluations of his products, like Dr. Jordan’s trial. However, you do not have to be part of a formal trial to try Prodrome’s plasmalogen supplements. With Prodrome’s advanced blood testing technology, anybody can now get their blood plasmalogen levels tested before and after taking our plasmalogen supplements. You can judge for yourself if elevating your blood plasmalogen levels is beneficial. Trials are important to prove to the scientific community that our hypotheses are correct. In reality, the only proof that matters is you: does it work for you.

For more information view the press release by Dr. Sheldon Jordan’s team here.

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