Plasmalogen Augmentation

Unfortunately, a person can take all of the necessary preventative measures such as diet, exercise, and maintaining a healthy liver function, and still have a reduction in plasmalogen levels as they age. Although it is possible to have naturally high, protective levels of plasmalogens, only about 10 percent of people do. This is why incorporating plasmalogen supplementation into a balanced diet and lifestyle is something most people would benefit from.

The next step for me was to design plasmalogen supplements in such a way that the body could properly absorb them and convert them into all of the different types of final plasmalogen molecules that you need. This meant I needed to understand how and where the body makes plasmalogens. The molecules are made in a special organelle called the peroxisome. The process involves multiple steps and is oxidatively demanding. The peroxisome is called the peroxisome, because it creates peroxide. Peroxisomes make small chain fatty acids from long chain dietary fatty acids through a process called beta oxidation. These short chain fatty acids are then converted into a short chain fatty alcohol and then rebuilt up to a long chain fatty alcohol. This fatty alcohol then gets attached to a glycerol backbone, like a traditional triacylglycerol, but different. This is a very unique step and it only occurs in peroxisomes. Later on, another unique biochemical step is performed on plasmalogens, which is the very last step, and it is the step that gives plasmalogens their superpowers. This is the creation of the vinyl-ether bond. Once the plasmalogen has the vinyl ether bond it becomes the body’s main antioxidant, and it obtains its special membrane fluidity powers. Plasmalogens are mostly made in the liver and then transported to the rest of the body because this process of creating the fatty alcohol portion is oxidatively and energetically demanding.

The reason we are not able to get plasmalogens from a dietary source is that our digestive tract is designed to break down molecules and the stomach is extremely acidic (it is full of concentrated hydrochloric acid). It breaks everything down to make it easier for food to be digested and absorbed.

The special function that gives the plasmalogens their membrane fusion capability also gives them their antioxidant capacity. What most people don’t realize is that plasmalogens are the most important antioxidant in the human body. They capture more free radicals than any other antioxidant due to the previously mentioned vinyl ether bond. However what gives the vinyl ether bond its special powers, is also what makes it extremely sensitive to acidic conditions. This is why we get very little absorption of plasmalogens from our diet, and instead have to rely on our bodies to build our plasmalogen supply.

Plasmalogen Supplements

To get the right kind of plasmalogen into the body, I designed three different types of plasmalogen precursors that can be converted to plasmalogens in the human body. The first group was the natural plasmalogen bio precursors. They are part of the natural human plasmalogen biosynthesis process; however, they are not patentable since they are naturally occurring. I also invented two kinds of non-naturally occurring plasmalogen precursors that could be patented in terms of their composition of matter.

As I did more research on plasmalogen deficiency in other diseases of aging, I realized that low plasmalogen levels were involved in far more neurological diseases than just Alzheimer’s. It became less reasonable to restrict the manufacture and production of plasmalogen precursors to a very narrowly defined indication, which is required for traditional drug development. This development path severely restricts who can get access to the plasmalogen precursors. At Prodrome Sciences, my focus became on making plasmalogen precursors that could restore plasmalogen levels and which could be made available to everyone. ProdromeNeuro and ProdromeGlia plasmalogen oil molecules are designed for this purpose. They are designed from my original plasmalogen precursor patents. The most important aspect in plasmalogen precursor technology was that all plasmalogens were not created equal. I needed to be able to target specific plasmalogens involved in specific neurological functions. The most important plasmalogen molecule to supplement to enhance neuronal functions such as cognition is DHA-containing plasmalogens. These are the ones associated with decreased cognition in the human brain. The most important plasmalogen molecule to supplement to restore and maintain the protective myelin sheaths around neurons is oleic acid containing plasmalogens.

ProdromeGlia is designed to specifically elevate levels of plasmalogens found in the white matter protective neuron and act as a protective sheath for the neurons in the brain. ProdromeNeuro is designed to specifically elevate levels of plasmalogens found in the gray matter and which are necessary for optimal neuron function. The ProdromeNeuro and ProdromeGlia series of plasmalogen precursors are designed to be orally bioavailable, which means it has a regular alkyl bond, not the acid-sensitive vinyl ether bond. This allows it to survive in the stomach acids and be absorbed into the blood supply. It is the most bioavailable form of plasmalogen and omega-3.

ProdromeNeuro was designed to create an immediate resurgence of plasmalogen levels. One study conducted on ProdromeNeuro showed that a high dose could double plasmalogen levels in just 24 hours.

Those with Alzheimer’s or cognitive impairments usually report that they start seeing improvements within three to four weeks. We are not dealing with something that takes six months to a year to work. The same goes for ProdromeGlia.

The molecules in my supplements are strategically designed and consist of 100% pure pharmaceutical grade oil. They are guaranteed to be free of any kind of pesticide, biological material, or trace metal toxin, as they do not involve plant or animal extract. Sometimes called bioequivalent, they are designed to enter the human biochemistry system in order to restore it. Not only to get people to the 98th percentile, but also to keep them there.

Our supplements are a great way to start reaping the long-term benefits of healthy plasmalogen levels. You have the power to make changes to your biochemical health, and experience real effects. Are you ready to take the next step and take control of your health, Download a short summary on plasmalogens, learn about my upcoming book, or explore my videos on the resources page to learn more about how you can change your perspective on health and aging. You can order a blood test or my supplements at

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