Dr. Goodenowe presents colon cancer, pancreatic cancer and plasmalogen supplementation research

Dr. Goodenowe presented recent clinical research results at a symposium at the 67th Annual Meeting of Japanese Society of Laboratory Medicine on November 22. He presented results from a study on 1,128 persons including 374 colorectal cancer subjects and 187 pancreatic cancer subjects as well as a 6-month study on plasmalogen supplementation with ProdromeNeuro in 20 neurological patients. Blood samples were analyzed using the ProdromeScan blood test technology.

The ProdromeScan blood test results confirmed low GTA and low plasmalogen levels in both cancers and the neurological disease subjects, as previously reported by Dr. Goodenowe. ProdromeNeuro plasmalogen supplementation elevated target blood plasmalogen levels to 170% of control levels. This study further confirms previous published studies showing specific biomarkers are low in colorectal cancer, pancreatic cancer, and neurological disease and that plasmalogen supplementation is effective at elevating circulating blood plasmalogen levels.