Duality and Choice-Making – the Brain and the Essence of Existence (A102)

Since the beginning of time, man has struggled to understand the nature of existence. All the world’s religions and philosophies have explanations for the conundrum of “Does existence have a beginning?” and if so, then “When did it start?” and “What was there before?”. Conversations about immortality are insincere without addressing the nature of time and existence. Immortality, is, by definition, existence – indefinitely. If we want to perpetuate our existence indefinitely, it might be a good idea to know the building blocks of our existence. Human existence is based on duality and choice. Duality is the underlying essence of the ability to change from one state to another. Without duality, nothing could change, or live. Consciousness is the underlying essence of choice – our ability to direct duality from one option to another.  

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Quantum physics is basically the unification of science, religion, and philosophy. It teaches us the obvious – that existence is not pre-determined, but ever-flowing and malleable. Most importantly, it scientifically validates the concepts of duality and choice making at the individual subatomic particle level. There are a lot of complicated mathematical analyses on the topic of quantum physics, but for me, it all comes down to this question of duality and choice. Light is the essence of duality – it exists as both a wave and as a particle (photon) – the question is how does it choose what to be? The infamous two-slit experiment and its different variations on the wave/particle duality of photons (i.e., light) revealed that somehow light chooses, in a non-predeterminable way whether to be a wave or a particle during the course of the experiment based upon the experimental design. If the experimenter sets up the experiment to see particles, they see particles. If the experimenter sets up the experiment to see waves, they see waves. It remains an impossible, unexplained phenomenon, but that is missing the point. The point is that choices are being made. How or who is interesting, but ultimately irrelevant. The point is that the existence of the wave/photon is not pre-determined, it is determined in real time by the interaction of duality and choice. Now, let’s apply this concept to human existence.  

As humans, our existence is constantly changing – morphing from one state to the next. The only thing that is constant throughout this process is our observation and manipulation of our existence. Our brain allows us to perform these tasks. It is somehow able to act as a biological quantum physical device that enables the observer (you) to direct or convert consciousness into physical acts. We do this by observing and directing our thoughts. Thoughts in the human brain are like the wave/particle duality of light. They appear and then disappear into one another. They have no tangible permanence. Their existence depends on the observer, which is influenced by the observer’s internal and external environment (which is also under our control). We choose to be happy, angry, sad, etc. and our ability to make these choices is either facilitated or inhibited by our environment. But the choices available to our consciousness are not boundless; there are biological constraints. These constraints are obvious when observing personality changes that occur with declining mental health.  

Accordingly, maintaining our brain’s ability to carry out the choices of our consciousness is the key priority of immortality. Virtually all of the other functions of the human body can be mechanically replaced and our engineering acumen continues to increase at an amazing rate.  Apart from acute injury arising from a stroke or accident, cognition is the main measure of brain health. The maintenance of cognition must be the primary focus of a longevity/immortality strategy. I go into the detail of the various aspects of the brain and cognition in the seminars on Alzheimer’s. 

Dr. Goodenowe discusses the concepts of duality and choice making in seminar A102 – Duality and Choice Making.