Living and Working in Reality – Using Classical Physics and Thermodynamics to Achieve Immortality (A103)

Whereas the brain is the physical and quantum mechanics is the theoretical components necessary to maintain consciousness and choice making, cellular chemistry is the physical and classical physics and thermodynamics are the theoretical components necessary to maintain physical life. Our everyday physical realm is primarily governed by the first two laws of thermodynamics. The first law represents the conservation of matter (or energy). Matter (or energy) cannot be created or destroyed – only transformed. This law is absolute. This means that everything that goes into our body will be transformed within our body or it will come out, untransformed. Your biochemical books will always balance, whether you like the outcome or not. Our actions control how they balance. Understanding and applying the first law is paramount to being able to neutralize the second law. The second law is the law of entropy. This is a tricky law. This law is the heart and soul of aging. It is the one that chips away at our immortality. The general reading of this law is that all systems tend to devolve into greater and greater states of disorder or randomness. However, this is not technically true. Technically, the second law of thermodynamics states that energy will always flow from a high state to a low state and that heat will always flow from hot to cold. When you put an ice-cube into a cup of coffee the heat from the coffee will always move into the ice-cube.  The ice-cube will never get colder and the coffee hotter. A pile of lumber will not spontaneously turn into a house, but a house will spontaneously turn into a pile of lumber if left unattended. The point is that the more organized and ordered a system becomes, the more stored up energy is contained in it and the more energy is needed to maintain it.   

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Your body started as a single cell, which was nurtured and fed as it divided and grew. An enormous amount of energy was expended to create the complex, ordered system that is your body. Every day, we convert carbon-based foods into carbon dioxide and water and use the energy released by this process to maintain this order. The human body has no thermodynamic purpose. The very existence of the human body defies thermodynamics. Likewise, death has no thermodynamic purpose other than the slow plodding of entropy. Scientists often misinterpret statistical associations as causative. They falsely believe that aging is a predetermined and active process. It is not, and it is illogical to think so. Aging is not a disease and, therefore, cannot be treated like one. Likewise, diseases of aging, like Alzheimer’s, are not diseases in the classical sense. They do not have a beginning or an end; so, they cannot be “cured” like a broken leg or an infection. They are ever-present. These diseases exist on a spectrum; they are balance sheet diseases. Your everyday living expenses are also ever present, and your income is constantly at war with them. If you want to take an unpaid holiday, you need to create an income reserve beyond the expenses that will occur during this time. Classical diseases are one-time expenses, like those incurred by your water heater failing. Diseases of aging are continuous expenses, like rent or electricity. Biochemistry is the currency your body uses to pay its bills — both one-time bills and continuous ones. 

The human body is an affront to entropy. To achieve immortality you must be able to maintain this affront indefinitely.  From a thermodynamic perspective, immortality is the ability to keep your morning cup of coffee hot forever. Biochemical ground zero in your continual fight against entropy is your mitochondria. Your mitochondria are little organelles that are in all of the cells of your body. They generate the energy that your body uses to maintain order. Mitochondrial reserve capacity is the first step to immortality.  

Dr. Goodenowe discusses the concepts of classical thermodynamics and immortality in seminar A103 – Living and Working in Reality – Using Classical Physics and Thermodynamics to Achieve Immortality.