Dr. Goodenowe’s Physician Roundtable Group

All healthcare professionals part of the ProdromeScan Certification Course are invited to Dr. Goodenowe’s Physician Roundtable Group. This group meets regularly through video conference to discuss case studies from the doctors using the ProdromeScan blood test with their patients, with a particular focus on diseases of interest. The conference videos are uploaded to the Group and available to all Group Members. 

The first Roundtable Meeting is Saturday, July 10th at 11:00 AM PT. Dr. Goodenowe is the presenting host for the first meeting. Dr. Goodenowe will review the results of the Plasmalogen Clinical Trial with Dr. Sheldon Jordan. These results are being presented at the AAIC Conference on July 26th. Those trial results will not be available to the public until July 30th.  

All doctors registered with a professional account on Prodrome.com and who are enrolled in the ProdromeScan Certification Course will receive an invitation to join the new Physician Roundtable Group next week. 

All healthcare professionals registered on Prodrome.com get 50% off the ProdromeScan Certification Course. The Physician Roundtable Group membership is free with the Certification Course enrollment. Find out more about the course here