Breaking Alzheimer’s – The Definitive Lecture Series launches today

Dr. Dayan Goodenowe created Breaking Alzheimer’s: The Definitive Lecture Series as a detailed scientific treatise to continue the awakening process that he began in Breaking Alzheimer’s – The Book. The Definitive Lecture Series is designed to provide a full and complete understanding of the key aspects of brain health changes that are associated with Alzheimer’s disease and cognition. In each lecture, Dr. Goodenowe explains the relevant research and literature of each topic. The lectures integrate Dr. Goodenowe’s own research and over 50 years of research from leading researchers from around the world.  

The series is organized into the following lectures with full video presentations for each, scheduled for release throughout 2021:

Lecture 1 – Introduction (released today!)
Lecture 2 – Philosophical Underpinnings 
Lecture 3 – Biochemistry of Cognition 
Lecture 4 – Biochemistry of Brain Volume 
Lecture 5 – Biochemistry of Neurofibrillary Tangles 
Lecture 6 – Biochemistry of Amyloid 
Lecture 7 – Biochemistry of APOE (released today!)
Lecture 8 – Plasmalogens and the Epidemiology of Dementia 
Lecture 9 – Biochemistry of Oxidative Stress 
Lecture 10 – Biochemistry and Clinical Efficacy of Plasmalogen Precursors 

The videos and articles for Lecture 1 – Introduction and Lecture 7 – APOE are available now. The articles for the videos are posted on Dr. Goodenowe’s education website here and the videos can be found as they are released on Dr. Goodenowe’s FREE Educational Seminars here.