Lecture 9 – The Biochemistry of Oxidative Stress: Breaking Alzheimer’s

The terms “Oxidative Stress” and “Reactive Oxygen Species” are commonly bandied about as is the term “Anti-Oxidant”. What do these terms really mean? Where does oxidative stress come from? How does the human body create and regulate reactive oxygen species? What happens when your body’s anti-oxidation mechanisms become overwhelmed?  

Join Dr. Goodenowe for Lecture 9 – The Biochemistry of Oxidative Stress and find the answers to these questions and many more.  In the last section of the lecture, Dr. Goodenowe shows you how plasmalogen supplementation prevents oxidative stress mediated neurodegeneration in animals and how plasmalogen supplementation restores antioxidant reserves in humans. Dr. Goodenowe explains the relevant research and literature relating to the biochemistry of oxidative stress. The lectures integrate Dr. Goodenowe’s own research and over 50 years of research from leading researchers from around the world. 

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