ProdromeNeuro Alzheimer’s Clinical Trial Published

The results from our clinical trial with Dr. Sheldon Jordan are now published in a peer reviewed journal here.

ProdromeNeuroTM plasmalogen supplement successfully improved cognition and mobility in a recent Alzheimer’s disease clinical trial, proving Dr. Dayan Goodenowe’s 15-year theory outlined in his new book Breaking Alzheimer’swhere he explains his scientific journey to expose the cause and deliver the cure.

Prodrome Sciences launched the world’s first high-dose plasmalogen supplement, ProdromeNeuro, in 2020. A clinical trial was initiated shortly thereafter. The clinical trial results were released at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference on July 26, 2021. ProdromeNeuro supplement successfully improved cognition and mobility in persons diagnosed with mild to moderate cognitive impairment. Conducted by Dr. Sheldon Jordan (MD), a board-certified neurologist at the Neurological Associates Clinic in Santa Monica, California. The success of the trial is the result of Dr. Dayan Goodenowe (PhD)’s relentless 15-year scientific journey, as outlined in his book Breaking Alzheimer’s just released June 21, 2021.

“My work on plasmalogen molecules started over 15 years ago when I discovered that plasmalogen deficiency was the major causative factor in Alzheimer’s disease. I am pleased that my scientifically-designed supplements, which have undergone extensive preclinical testing and validation, have been shown to perform in persons suffering from cognitive impairment exactly as designed. This new clinical evidence is just the beginning.” – Dr. Dayan Goodenowe, Founder and CEO of Prodrome Sciences based in Temecula, CA.

Improved cognition is absolutely the dream of any Alzheimer’s treatment, although the status quo has accepted that a treatment to just halt the disease from getting any worse is a realistic goal to strive for. Not only did the ProdromeNeuro Plasmalogen supplement stabilize cognition in 82% of the clinical trial participants, but cognition incredibly improved in 41% of participants! Mobility is also greatly affected in Alzheimer’s disease, and with ProdromeNeuro mobility also remained stable in 82% but was improved in even more participants – 55%. In total, 73% of participants experienced either increased cognition or increased mobility or both after only four months of supplementation.

The clinical trial results are truly ground breaking and motivating. As Dr. Goodenowe explains, “science is a slow process, but an important process, and it is never over. It took 15 years of hard work to get to this important milestone. Results like this fuel me and my team to keep up the hard work ahead. The next step is to prove on a larger, rigorous scale, that my programs, which include plasmalogens and my patented blood testing technology, can be used to prevent and treat Alzheimer’s and other age-related diseases on a population level so that entire countries can have effective programs to reduce diseases and their emotional and economic burden. This next chapter has already begun.”

Dr. Goodenowe’s 15-year journey that made this clinical trial possible is outlined in his book, Breaking Alzheimer’s, released June 21, 2021. It all started with his powerful invention in 1999 that allowed him to look at blood samples in a way never before imagined. This invention remains the most advanced of its kind even today. A new world opened up to Dr. Goodenowe where he could see the active processes inside the body through thousands of molecules; he became an expert in understanding the story those molecules were telling. One of those stories was plasmalogen deficiency in Alzheimer’s disease, which he discovered in 2004 after analyzing thousands of blood samples from Alzheimer’s patients from around the world.

After rigorous scientific study, Dr. Goodenowe, who not only can invent blood testing technology and is an expert in neuroscience but is also an expert in synthetic organic chemistry, designed and developed the world’s first high-dose plasmalogen supplement which launched commercially in 2020 and now has hundreds of doctors using it with their patients all over the world.

Advance praise for Dr. Goodenowe’s book, Breaking Alzheimer’s, and for his work, includes:

“A paradigm-altering view of Alzheimer’s.”
Dale Bredesen, MD 
Author of The New York Times Bestseller The End of Alzheimer’s

“A brilliant and ground-breaking text on the science and clinical application of plasmalogens for the therapeutic amelioration of Alzheimer’s Dementia. I have had the good fortune of observing firsthand the significant, clinical benefits in my patients with neurodegenerative disorders for whom I’ve prescribed plasmalogen therapy.”
Mitchel Fleisher M.D., D.Ht., D.A.B.F.M., Dc.A.B.C.T.
Medical Director, Center for Integrative & Regenerative Medicine

“A bold and promising approach. Dr. Goodenowe has performed groundbreaking and compelling research which is detailed in the book so that afflicted patients and health professionals will become aware of a discovery which may very well change our approach to Alzheimer’s. We have been deploying plasmalogen precursors at the Regenesis Project and have found that within the timeframe of a few weeks, people become more alert and cognizant.”
Sheldon Jordan, MD, FAAN, DABPN, DABCN
Medical Director, the Regenesis Project

“Dayan Goodenowe has drilled down to the very core of what makes us tick. His patient 25 year journey of research and invention has unpacked unique and marvelous understanding into how our metabolic engine works. We have a whole new field of medicine opening up called “metabolic medicine” and it runs right through Dr. Goodenowe’s inventions. Like tuning your carburetor and timing your engine, we can now heal your mitochondria and make your peroxisomes whistle with the careful measurement and replacement of plasmalogens. The implications of his inventions can’t be overstated. This is the end of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cancer….and who knows what lies ahead in the paradigm shift to true wellness with the absence of disease.”
John E. Whitcomb, MD
Brookfield Longevity Medical Clinic

The testimonials from doctors and patients using the Prodrome products are powerful. Clinical trial evidence is critical to advance plasmalogen supplementation into the mainstream so that everyone can benefit.

The recent ProdromeNeuro Plasmalogen supplement clinical trial involved 22 participants diagnosed with mild to moderate cognitive impairment. The trial lasted 5 months, with an escalating dose of ProdromeNeuro at 900mg/day for month one, 1800mg/day for months two and three, and 3600mg/day for month four, and the final month was 0mg/day for a washout. Blood sample collection and clinical evaluations were performed at the start of the trial and at the end of each month. The dose was important: 1800mg/day appeared sufficient for most participants while one participant began to see clinical benefit at 3600mg/day. ProdromeNeuro was well tolerated at all doses and no adverse events were reported. The next step is to design a larger clinical trial for a longer duration to further investigate the optimal ProdromeNeuro Plasmalogen supplement dose.

Plasmalogen molecules are a major building block of the body and make up to 20% of the brain. They are also found in high concentrations in the heart, lungs, retina, and kidney and are found in every cell of the body. Levels decrease with age as the body can no longer keep up with the demand as plasmalogens are used up by the body as powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory molecules. High doses are needed to effectively replenish and maintain levels in the body.

The recent success of the ProdromeNeuro Plasmalogen supplement clinical trial is an important milestone for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Plasmalogens are implicated in numerous diseases; clinical trials in Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and autism are needed. Dr. Goodenowe continues the plasmalogen story by building evidence and designing effective, viable programs that can be implemented on a population-wide level so that his life-saving technology can benefit the world.

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