13th Annual Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center Meeting

Dr. Goodenowe presents at the 13th Annual Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center ROSMAP Investigator’s Meeting 2022 at the Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, IL. Dr. Goodenowe presents on Tuesday, July 12, 2022; his presentation is titled Plasmalogens, Neuropathology, and Cognition – Update on Recent Advances and Overview of MARS Project. 

The Religious Orders Study/Memory and Aging Project (ROSMAP) is a world leading clinical and pathologic study of dementia and chronic diseases of aging. “Older persons are recruited from about 40 continuous care retirement communities and senior subsidized housing facilities around the Chicago metropolitan area. Participants without known dementia agree to annual detailed clinical evaluation and donation of brain, spinal cord and muscle after death. MAP began in 1997 and over 1,600 older adults have enrolled. Approximately 1,000 participants are currently alive. Participants also have yearly blood draws which result in the storage of serum, plasma and cells.”

Dr. Goodenowe is fortunate to work with such important clinical samples and leading researchers in this field, in order to advance his understanding of the biochemical basis of Alzheimer’s to develop strategies that can improve the lives of the public.