Learn about the biochemical basis of health and disease.  Discover how to measure and how to intervene.


course summary

At its most basic level, the human body is a finely tuned, auto-adjusting, self-sustaining bioreactor. Complex organic (hydrocarbons/food) and inorganic (metals/micronutrients and oxygen) undergo countless biochemical transformations every day to release, capture, and use energy. This energy is applied to biochemical building blocks to build, repair, and maintain all human biological functions. The earliest indicators of disease are biochemical dysfunctions or disequilibrium.

These dysfunctions precede and persist through all disease processes and are the leading cause of disease and death. Virtually any biochemical dysfunction can be fixed using targeted diet, lifestyle and supplement interventions. However, traditional lab tests do not tell you what you need to know to make these changes. The ProdromeScan test gives you the power to identify and repair biochemical dysfunctions BEFORE they become disease. More importantly, the ProdromeScan test enables you to build strategic biochemical reserves that are protective against disease.

concepts and introduction

The ProdromeScan test is a multi-system blood test specifically designed to assist advanced functional medicine doctors in achieving optimal biochemical health for themselves and their patients. It does so by measuring approximately 100 biomarkers and organizing this information into specific biosystems known to be associated with advanced health and longevity. The course is self-paced and follows an introduction and 10 modules. Including:

Module 1 – Introduction to Biochemical Prodromes of Health and Disease

Module 2 – The Biochemistry of Life and Death

Module 3 – The Biochemistry of Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Module 4 – The Biochemistry of Plasmalogen Restoration and Augmentation

Module 5 – The Biochemistry of Parkinson’s Disease

Module 6 – The Biochemistry of Autism

Module 7 – The Biochemistry of Multiple Sclerosis and ALS

Module 8 – The Biochemistry of Cardio and Cerebral Vascular Disease

Module 9 – The Biochemistry of Cancer

Module 10 – ProdromeScan Report Interpretation Tutorial


Why get certified?

Learn how to use the ProdromeScan to objectively measure, track and optimize the performance of each targeted intervention strategy. Each of the biosystems measured by ProdromeScan is modifiable using targeted lifestyle, supplementation, and diet-based strategies.

Measure a unique set of biochemical biomarkers scientifically linked to increased risk of diseases including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Colorectal Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer, Breast Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Heart Disease, Stroke, & Diabetes.

Monthly update sessions:  group meetings just for practitioners who have gone through the program. We will be discussing clinical trials, updates, and looking at case studies.

Receive a free one-hour consultation with Dr. Goodenowe where you will go through the report review of one of your patients.

how to get certified

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