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Dr. Goodenowe has over 30 years of diverse scientific research experience and has explored topics ranging from software, to mechanics, to theoretical physics, to neuroscience. From this vast knowledge, he creates regular seminars with both a written article and video element, exploring many subjects of great interest to him. The videos contain relevant literature excerpts and detailed explanations; the written articles are posted below. 

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Educational Seminar Updates

Dietary Fatty Acids (B102)

Dietary fatty acids are a critical source of energy, but their relative compositions in the phospholipids in the membranes of our body is where they exert their functional biological purpose. Low membrane

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The ProdromeScan Blood Test - What Does it Measure?

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Plasmalogen Supplementation

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What is a Plasmalogen?

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Plasmalogen and Cognition

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Scientific Evidence Linking Low Brain Plasmalogen Levels to Alzheimers Disease and Dementia

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What is ProdromeNeuro Plasmalogen Oil?

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Low Plasmalogens and Aging Dementia and Mortality The Scientific Evidence

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Biochemical Mechanisms of Plasmalogens

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The Scientific Evidence Linking Low Blood Plasmalogen Levels To Alzheimers Disease and Dementia

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Prodrome Sciences Introduction

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Death Disease Vitality and Immortality

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What is Aging

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What is a Prodrome?

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How Plasmalogens Are Made and Why People Become Deficient with Age

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How to Elevate Blood Plasmalogen Levels

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Here you go Dr Dayan Introduction and background